Dry dog food

Salmon oil
The addition of salmon oil, which is a source of omega-3 fatty acids, supports healthy skin, shiny coat and reduces inflammation.
Selected natural ingredients
Your dog's health is important to us - that's why you will find only selected, natural ingredients in our pet food. Corn and rice are a source of carbohydrates that provide energy for the whole day. Plant-derived products support the efficient functioning of your pet’s digestive system and the absorption of nutrients.
Full value formula
We know how to care for your pet. Our foods are made of top quality ingredients that will provide your dog with full-fledged and balanced meals. Petner foods provide your dog with the energy and adequate amounts of nutrients they need to lead a happy and carefree life!
40% of meat and products of animal origin
Meat and animal products are an important part of the diet of any dog. Our food contains livers, hearts and kidneys, which provide your dog with essential nutrients – as well as nutrients that are not found in meat itself. However, for your pet to enjoy full taste, the food contains dried lamb or turkey meat.

For JUNIOR dog

Dogs need a lot of energy to learn and play. Provide your pet with all their needs with fully-balanced Petner dog food.


Available flavors:
Lamb, Turkey

Available sizes:
12 kg, 3 kg


For ADULT dog

For an adult pooch, choose a natural and healthy meal that will guarantee they have plenty of joy and added energy to enjoy having fun together.


Available flavors:
Lamb, Turkey

Available sizes:
12 kg, 8 kg, 3 kg


Take good care of your dog with
Petner food!



The health of pets is most important to us. We know that a pet’s food should not only taste good but also be nutritious and easy to digest. Thanks to added chicory, which creates bacterial flora and inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganisms in the digestive tract, your four-legged friend will enjoy good health and well-being.


Every pooch must burn off their energy. To do so, their bones and joints must be in top condition. Glucosamine, which you will find in the food’s ingredients, will strengthen your pet's joints and help rebuild cartilage. In turn, chondroitin will improve the efficiency and endurance of joints, and in combination with glucosamine, will increase their resistance to micro-damage.


A healthy dog has a healthy smile. The shape and texture of Petner food granules stimulates chewing, helps to remove plaque, and allows your dog to maintain healthy and strong teeth. Healthy teeth will make your pet’s eating and play time enjoyable!


We are well-aware that the health and happiness of a dog can be seen immediately. That is why our food contains an ingredient that helps care for the condition of your pet’s skin and coat. Fresh salmon oil, which is found in our feed, will make your pet's skin healthy and their coat shiny.

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